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So, this blog was an exercise to improve at drawing. Unfortuantely, I’ve been  noticing something, and I’m not happy with it. I feel that in getting all caught up with detail and making pretty pictures, there’s a spark being lost. More and more I’m returning to old habits of rendering rather than interpretation. In order to combat this, I’m going to reduce the Vogue drawings to once a week or so, every other drawing, while the second will be an original, imagined illustration. It’s about time to stop relying on training wheels. So, it’s still “Drawing Vogue Paris” but not exclusively, etcetera.

Sorry for no posts last week, big deadlines, didn’t sleep, yadda, yadda, excuses. Slept sixteen hours Saturday night (and I didn’t even go out!) and then pulled an all nighter. Figures.


It begins

I’m Leetal. I’m a filmmaker and fashion designer. I used to be great at drawing, but I stopped for no reason for eight years. Now I’m trying to get my confidence (and my skills) back. The most interesting part will be seeing the difference between Picture 1 and Picture, lets see here…. Picture 325, give or take the pages with articles. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Wish me luck.

Vogue Paris N923 Dec-Jan

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