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Page 33-34: Tommy Hilfiger

Photo May 09, 1 30 41 PM

Page 33-34

Photo May 09, 1 26 25 PM

At first I was like, lets skip this one, but then I was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

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Pages 27-28, Michael Kors

Pgs 27-28

I guess Michael Kors is synonymous with drunken orgy? Wasn’t going to include the doofus’s face in there. “Candid” is a term better reserved for photography than pencil sketches, otherwise Da Vinci’s books would have looked a lot different.

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Assignment – Movie Poster

Again, this week, no time to draw from Vogue, so here’s an assignment from class: render an existing movie poster that shows full body wardrobe. So I picked some menswear practice courtesy of Casino Royale.

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